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  • T Roma
    T RomaАй бұрын

    This is the Actor line. YG, please give them the acting contract all 4 of them deserves 🙏🏽

  • Izumi bin

    Izumi bin

    29 күн бұрын

    Actor line, have Junkyu & Jaehyuk as well because they are also good and getting good roles as well. This is a maknae line, not actor line. Actor line includes kyu & jae.

  • TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢

    TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢

    Ай бұрын

    @jelly I have no problem with anything Treasure releases…🤭

  • solitary m.

    solitary m.

    Ай бұрын

    @jelly honestly same. Altho seems unlikely since the concert is still under hello. Does it ever happen in other groups?

  • jelly


    Ай бұрын

    @TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢ no don't jinx it we want music not hiatus

  • TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢

    TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢

    Ай бұрын

    I think there will be a web drama again I’m not sure but they gave us spoilers a picture of camera/classroom/etc but I’m not sure tho😭😭let’s Pray

  • ayu_gyu
    ayu_gyuАй бұрын

    Doyoung who has always been a maknae in predebut is now the hyung of maknae line. Look at him helping his babies even tho they sometimes tease him out of love. They're so adorable:'(

  • HelloTume
    HelloTumeАй бұрын

    Dooyoung!! thankyou for grow up so well and became a reliable hyung for the maknae. You know that your positive aura really make you stand out even more. I hope all the good things in this world come to you.

  • Catherine Cai Guadalupe
    Catherine Cai GuadalupeАй бұрын

    our maknaes are growing so fast... i'm not crying

  • eowenb9
    eowenb9Ай бұрын

    Popular opinion: Everyone agrees that seeing TREASURE smile can make our days better

  • FuRI3.


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  • Singing Time

    Singing Time

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  • Teume_B!tch12


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  • Ghosty


    Ай бұрын

    YEA AGREE 1000

  • Ethan Frans

    Ethan Frans

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  • fiovia ll
    fiovia llАй бұрын

    Junghwan really has the best posture that makes him look way taller. Really shows how important it is to maintain good posture.

  • sepid Aghlei

    sepid Aghlei

    Ай бұрын

    Right. Actually i thought he is taller than jeongwoo.

  • pjwoo's teh o panas
    pjwoo's teh o panasАй бұрын

    I love how Jeongwoo play along with the who are you joke 😂😂😂

  • stephgss
    stephgssАй бұрын

    Hello to my favorite maknae line🥹 I love you Doyoung, Haruto, Jeongwoo and Junghwan!🫶🏼 Fighting everyone!

  • DOY💎
    DOY💎Ай бұрын

    The maknae line is finally reunited💕, you guys are so cute.. I love you Doyoung, Haruto, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan💎💘

  • Hee Koon
    Hee KoonАй бұрын

    As someone near their ages, I can definitely relate to Dobby in so many levels😫🥲 We got you bro🫂 Lets just appreciate and wonder about the kids' growth. At the same time as an unofficial and self-proclaimed parent of TREASURE Im getting feels how the maknaez are growing up... My childrennnnnn😭

  • arissa mazumder

    arissa mazumder

    Ай бұрын

    @TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢ Omg my doctor said my final height would be 149 😭

  • TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢

    TrEaSuRe CaN sTeaL YoUr SouL♢ᴥ♢

    Ай бұрын

    I’m 19y.o (04) crying in 152cm💀😭

  • Helena Lindfors 🐰💎
    Helena Lindfors 🐰💎Ай бұрын

    PARKJEONGWOO has vocal, visual, personality he has everything he's so perfect and most importantly dancing

  • monbebe


    Ай бұрын

    @Nisa Na he can walk on them 😂😂😂

  • Nisa Na

    Nisa Na

    Ай бұрын

    And 1 meter shoulder

  • HelloTume
    HelloTumeАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo and Haruto really became adult in front of our eyes, we will cheerish your growth!!. Became adult is not easy, so take your time to enjoy every momment!!

  • TREASURE Weverse Live English Translator 💎
    TREASURE Weverse Live English Translator 💎Ай бұрын

    Thank you YG! Lovely maknae line!

  • arina rin
    arina rinАй бұрын

    Jeong-jeongi's quick wit is just ✨chef's kiss✨. He seems to be more relaxed and comfortable now. Thank you for the laugh, guys. After long & gruesome day at work, this is just what I need. Sehat-sehat ya, anak² bujang hebat 💎

  • 21 세기의 공주
    21 세기의 공주Ай бұрын

    had the biggest smile on my while watching this 😭🤍 maknae line grew up so well!

  • pop is dop
    pop is dopАй бұрын

    Park Jeongwoo is very handsome I can't believe no one talk about his visual ! Very underrated !!

  • TheMadamDuck
    TheMadamDuckАй бұрын

    Has it really been a year since they’ve done a maknae line height fact check? Omg, it felt like it was just yesterday.

  • TheMadamDuck


    Ай бұрын

    @Just a loyal multi-fan who hates toxicity 2 years?!! How? Time move on real quick.

  • Just a loyal multi-fan  who hates toxicity

    Just a loyal multi-fan who hates toxicity

    Ай бұрын

    It's been 2 years 🥲

  • ㅇㅌㄴㅂ ㅎㄴ
    ㅇㅌㄴㅂ ㅎㄴАй бұрын

    Even in the opening, among the maknaes only Doyoung's emoji (bunny) that doesn't grow up😭👌🏻 Just why editor-nim🥲

  • sunrise


    24 күн бұрын

    Isn't because he is already 20???

  • v poppies

    v poppies

    Ай бұрын

    I didn’t even notice 😭😭

  • Melo Melody

    Melo Melody

    Ай бұрын

    He has any room left for growth 🤣🤣🤣

  • yassahi


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  • Noe
    NoeАй бұрын

    This giant maknaes keeps growing up 😆😆😆 and the shoulder group composing Woo and Kyu made me laugh... They are so handsome

  • sdgsdf asdfadfsd
    sdgsdf asdfadfsdАй бұрын

    Doyoung beung the oldeat but smallest in maknae line is just so adorable!!!!

  • Sequoia
    SequoiaАй бұрын

    Dobby is still the cutest among maknae line 😂

  • OHL
    OHLАй бұрын


  • agr.
    agr.Ай бұрын

    our maknae line grew up so fast and grew up so well 🤩

  • jeongwoo milk
    jeongwoo milkАй бұрын

    our baby jeongwoo so cute

  • ama tahari
    ama tahariАй бұрын

    They're so adorable. Our maknae line is growing really well:) And also, Junkyu and Jeongwoo's behavior can make me laugh.

  • AniMe_ HunTer
    AniMe_ HunTerАй бұрын

    Ommggg my eyes were blessed seeing our maknaes but when Kyu appeared i almost died he looks incredible in white and our shoulders duo JeongKyu💪😂

  • Dhea Putri Anggun
    Dhea Putri AnggunАй бұрын

    they grow up so fast, maknae line don't grow up fast, we want you to continue to be babies. and see how Doyoung became the smallest ever😙 you guys are so cute and i love you 🤗

  • Monica Cruz
    Monica CruzАй бұрын

    Recuerdo que hicieron ese mismo vídeo en 2020. Me encanta ver a la line maknae juntos.

  • Amirah
    AmirahАй бұрын

    Haruto!!!💎 Junghwan!!!💎 Jeongwoo!!!💎 Doyoung!!!💎

  • Annisa Rizka Pratiwi
    Annisa Rizka PratiwiАй бұрын

    park jeongwoo 💙💙💙

  • Helena Lindfors 🐰💎
    Helena Lindfors 🐰💎Ай бұрын

    DOYOUNG has vocal, visual, personality he has everything he's so perfect and most importantly dancing

  • banana milk
    banana milkАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo just talks and Junghwan laughs out loud haha love uri iksanz.. Love uri maknaez. Love u both shoulderz

  • shxxbhe18 Sabedra
    shxxbhe18 SabedraАй бұрын

    Doyoung is the cutiest hyung... so adorable...❤

  • sasa
    sasaАй бұрын

    o junghwan tá crescendo tão rápido 😭

  • Jo Nerua
    Jo NeruaАй бұрын

    So Haruto still the tallest member. Our maknae line are still in growing time. Fighting my babies, we love you all

  • Sarah Pachuau
    Sarah PachuauАй бұрын

    I love how chaotic they get….the maknae line indeed❤❤❤

  • ohana asyura
    ohana asyuraАй бұрын

    our maknae are cute right? please give us more maknae content

  • 21 세기의 공주
    21 세기의 공주Ай бұрын

    doyoungie looked so tiny w the rest of maknae line 😭 so so endearing! was kinda hoping to know dobi's new height ngl might have to ask him on weverse for an answer lol 😂 🤍

  • rose_949_jy
    rose_949_jyАй бұрын

    why Doyoung is so adorable 🥺🥰

  • wooyaa🍂
    wooyaa🍂Ай бұрын

    Jeongwoo the cutest, i love his smile the most

  • Amber Torregosa
    Amber TorregosaАй бұрын

    I'm addicted to jeongwoo smile... Ang pogi talaga ni jeongwoo😘

  • Sheramae Bernadas

    Sheramae Bernadas

    Ай бұрын

    makita kolang si jeongwoo wala na akong magawang trabaho kundi paulit2 kolang pinapanood ang mga video nia..sobrang love ko talaga ang batang ito❤️❤️

  • ohana asyura
    ohana asyuraАй бұрын

    my bias is jeongwoo but i like it when they're together

  • 04soulmate
    04soulmateАй бұрын

    Thank you, im so happy we get this content with all the maknaes again. 🐰🦋🐺🐮 fighting!!

  • tigger 77
    tigger 77Ай бұрын

    This is a powerful maknae line. 2 (main ) dancers, main vocal, low tone rapper.

  • Maria Alexa Domínguez Meléndez
    Maria Alexa Domínguez MeléndezАй бұрын

    Porque de repente se siente como 2020? con todos estos contenidos antiguos siento feliz que tres años después sigo sintiendo el mismo entusiasmo por cada pequeño contenido, realmente no puedes dejar de amar a TREASURE

  • aeri hansal
    aeri hansalАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is really cute

  • Camila Morales
    Camila MoralesАй бұрын

    Los maknaes más lindoss

  • Tension Girl
    Tension GirlАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is tall but have a cute face with baby behaviour

  • m o o n l i g h t
    m o o n l i g h tАй бұрын

    Our maknae line grew so well

  • you used to know me
    you used to know me28 күн бұрын

    2:07 always love this Junghwan who's full of reactions and excitements

  • may
    mayАй бұрын

    Park jeongwoo talk so well, he can be a good MC

  • hanivamar
    hanivamarАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo so handsome

  • micaela
    micaelaАй бұрын

    The maknae line kings, mis bebesitos, cada vez mas grandes 👑🐥😘

  • alis xz
    alis xzАй бұрын

    Park Jeongwoo❣️

  • JeongwooBestVocal
    JeongwooBestVocalАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo so handsome..omg

  • Marian Anayeli Cordero
    Marian Anayeli CorderoАй бұрын

    Amo la linda interaccion y el amor que se tienen a ellos mismos

  • erinnswaggy
    erinnswaggyАй бұрын

    The way they became chaotic bcause of jeongwoo broad shoulders 😂😂 especially haruto.. I love how they grow together

  • Lili Manoban
    Lili ManobanАй бұрын

    Aye our giant maknae lines with ocean wide shoulders duo Junkyu and Jeongwoo so adorable to watch

  • ppirongtongtong
    ppirongtongtongАй бұрын

    I really love how Doyoung's the eldest among the four of them but he looks like he's the youngest when they're together 😆

  • Lynnzki
    LynnzkiАй бұрын

    How can they hold an Ipad in a palm?! 😂👏 The babies are growing so fast! You did well boys.

  • かんづめ
    かんづめАй бұрын

    ジョンウくんビジュ良すぎて泣ける・ ・̥

  • Lorena 777
    Lorena 777Ай бұрын

    Doyoung es adorable

  • Paola moncor
    Paola moncorАй бұрын

    Como han crecido éstos niños lindos 🥰💎

  • Anne Caandoy
    Anne CaandoyАй бұрын

    you grew up so well our baby maknaes 🥺

  • Kiarosieposie
    KiarosieposieАй бұрын

    Our precious maknae line are growing up so fast

  • Aishah Ajis
    Aishah AjisАй бұрын

    Junkyu literally in the maknae line... Lol hahhhaha

  • Najihatul Fauziah
    Najihatul FauziahАй бұрын

    Doyoung so cute

  • Rafaelle Cunha
    Rafaelle CunhaАй бұрын

    Tão bom ver o quanto a makne line do treasure cresceu♡ eles estão ficando cada dia mais bonitos

  • Jesica Garcia
    Jesica GarciaАй бұрын

    Me siento como madre orgullosa viendo a sus hijos crecer 😭 fuera de broma, paso muy rapido el tiempo, ya son todos adultos. Espero que el futuro solo les traiga cosas buenas a ustedes y al resto de los miembros!!

  • Antonella
    AntonellaАй бұрын

    Cambiaron los emojis 😯 la YG ya reconoce a Jihoon como perro, a Hyunsuk como erizo y a Haruto como mariposa qué lindo uu

  • Anne Hyun
    Anne HyunАй бұрын

    seeing how our maknaes grew up these past few years makes me tear up, i feel lik a mom?!🥹🫶🏻

  • Strawberry Aeri
    Strawberry AeriАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is so pretty.

  • Skyvanilla
    SkyvanillaАй бұрын

    I feel you Doyoung 😅 his height compared to the maknaez' is how my height compares to my little brothers and sisters, all taller than me 😂 also, the cookie is so cute! 🥰 but I'm going to need a picture of that shoulderz group pose, who's with me 🙋

  • HelloTume
    HelloTumeАй бұрын

    Congratulation Junghwanaaa for hit the 180!!! our maknae can grow more if he want so don't put alot of preasure for yourself. Please be healthy and eat well

  • tosca
    toscaАй бұрын

    Thank you for bringing so much good vibes treasure And Junkyu-nim in the cookie so cute!

  • H A N
    H A NАй бұрын

    i was waiting for doyoung height fact check sksksk , but its okayy . our maknae line sure are growing HAHAHHAHA

  • lemonade🍋
    lemonade🍋Ай бұрын

    Can YG release a merch from the maknae line or photocard. It would be good if we can get a camping/vacation vlog from the maknae line

  • Hadia
    HadiaАй бұрын

    Junkyu is adorable ♥️

  • micaela
    micaelaАй бұрын

    Mi maknae linea los amo a los 4 ♡-♡

  • Lestari
    Lestari23 күн бұрын

    doyoung lookin smol around those three

  • Ririn Solihatun
    Ririn SolihatunАй бұрын

    Our BABIES are growing so fast!🥹♥️

  • yours
    yoursАй бұрын

    time flies so fast!! maknae line so lovely, love you guys

  • Cmx124
    Cmx124Ай бұрын

    Dear Treasure maknaes, please do this every year😂

  • tazkycutie
    tazkycutieАй бұрын

    Don’t worry Doyoung, you’ll grow bigger in my heart. ❤

  • gulfkanawut's oxygen
    gulfkanawut's oxygenАй бұрын

    Doyoung is prettiest and cutest ❣️✨️

  • jo22k
    jo22kАй бұрын

    Our maknaes have grown so well!! We finally got our fact check update yess!! 🥹👏🏼

  • isabelly Da luz
    isabelly Da luzАй бұрын

    Haruto hair looks so good , i love it so muchhhhhhhh 😭❤️

  • ƓRƐMXRƳ 🇰🇷
    ƓRƐMXRƳ 🇰🇷Ай бұрын

    Treasure members are truly breathtaking and angelic to see.

  • VIP May
    VIP MayАй бұрын

    I love to see maknae line together

  • midnight you
    midnight youАй бұрын

    Our pretty jeongwoo, his hair is getting long like haruto

  • Pink blue
    Pink blueАй бұрын


  • mochi ice
    mochi iceАй бұрын

    Our maknaes really grow up well thats why i love them

  • mr. me
    mr. meАй бұрын

    Junghwan is the cutest🤣 What if I didn't grow? So big so cute..

  • GD BigBang
    GD BigBangАй бұрын

    uri maknae line are growing up so fast 🥺😭

  • vyra garmyta
    vyra garmytaАй бұрын

    i’m legit cryin watch our maknaes tiktok yesterday, and this fact check shows up! Our maknae grow so fast 🥹🥹

  • Teume Army
    Teume ArmyАй бұрын

    Doyoung is the oldest in maknae line but he acts like the youngest

  • Pe Pe
    Pe PeАй бұрын

    They grow up so fast. I really really love them so much and they are my happiness 💎💜

  • Krishia Batalla
    Krishia BatallaАй бұрын

    Didn’t expect to see kyuuuu. he looks so good. AND MY BOYS ARE GROWING UP TOO FASSSTTTTT ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Yeli Antonio
    Yeli AntonioАй бұрын

    Los amo mucho mis lindos y preciosos maknaes!!!!!

  • vernonkyu
    vernonkyuАй бұрын

    junkyu so cute 😂