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  • t r i s
    t r i sАй бұрын

    This is probably the rarest pairing in TREASURE so I just love seeing them together. Our rowdy, energy filled Jeongwoo and our soft and kind Yoshi ♡

  • MARIZ🐙


    Ай бұрын

    Same 😭💗

    TREASURE HELLO 💎Ай бұрын

    I can't stop laughing..when Yoshi is put together with jeongwoo it's a unique combination .Yoshi is innocent and jeongwoo is mischievous 😂😁❤️❤️

  • Anniexrawr
    AnniexrawrАй бұрын

    Having treasure's old content come back is one of the best thing that has happened lately 😭💗

  • Dina Amelia

    Dina Amelia

    Ай бұрын

    FOR REAL 😭💙✨

  • raie rizul

    raie rizul

    Ай бұрын

    맞아요 🥺

  • 사랑메이
    사랑메이Ай бұрын

    Jeongwoo the very energetic, mischievous kid and Yoshi the soft spoken,kind, funny hyung.

  • ROSÉ's Georgia 🌹
    ROSÉ's Georgia 🌹Ай бұрын

    I never realized till I watched this that seeing Yoshi and Jeongwoo pairing up for activities is indeed rare. I'm sure they're comfortable and close offscreen though. Next up, I hope to have Doyoung and Haruto here and subject myself to excruciating awkwardness. 😂

  • A | 💎

    A | 💎

    Ай бұрын

    Junghwan and Haruto would also be funny hahaha

  • Yachi


    Ай бұрын

    They're not awkward though. Haruto just seemed getting secondhand embarrassments whenever Doyoung tries to be mushy

  • Toothless PJW
    Toothless PJWАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is like a tsundere whenever he’s with his yoshi hyung 😂

  • Joey Reen Pancho
    Joey Reen PanchoАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is getting more handsome day by day.

  • Helena Lindfors 🐰💎
    Helena Lindfors 🐰💎Ай бұрын

    PARKJEONGWOO has vocal, visual, personality he has everything he's so perfect and most importantly dancing

  • OHL


    Ай бұрын

    @YoshiAnti you are clearly trying to setting up jw, cuz no jw fans are this obsessed on hating yoshi for no goddamn reason

  • haruna suzuki
    haruna suzukiАй бұрын

    i wished for more of this duo's moments a few months ago and we are finally having them now 🥺

  • geereen
    geereenАй бұрын


  • audrey
    audreyАй бұрын

    the dynamic duo that we all want

  • Yang Jungwon 😋
    Yang Jungwon 😋Ай бұрын

    I have never seen Jeongwoo and Yoshi together but now I would love to see them more often

  • MinelyVid.
    MinelyVid.Ай бұрын

    Want more content of them together!!!!...such a funny duo😂...Yoshi is really trying his best so Jeongwoo could like him more...while Woo is trying his best to understand his hyung, this is rare a gem.

  • iggy rara
    iggy raraАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo getting more and more attractive everyday 🥺

  • Helena Lindfors 🐰💎
    Helena Lindfors 🐰💎Ай бұрын

    YOSHI has vocal, visual, personality he has everything he's so perfect and most importantly dancing ,Rap too



    Ай бұрын


  • cami cami
    cami camiАй бұрын

    we got the unexpected couple here and i can say Yoshi x Jeongwoo is very cute/funny when they are being together

  • rose pasta
    rose pastaАй бұрын

    Everyone agrees that TREASURE is such a MULTI-TALENTED GROUP

  • Dramaturgic Ayesha
    Dramaturgic AyeshaАй бұрын

    Whenever i see yoshi, i don't know why i feel so calm and peace in me. He is sooo innocent and cute. And whenever i see jeongwoo i remember that time when i was going through puberty. *im not too old actually. Im as same age as yoshi😅. And "Treasure forever"... Treasure you all💙💎

  • Izz
    IzzАй бұрын

    it's not fact check but sitcom 😭 they're hilarious 🤣

  • Sam Lexis
    Sam LexisАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is so cuteee. Congratulations on your graduation woobear

  • Rosa Gold
    Rosa GoldАй бұрын

    i know that jeongwoo is always handsome, but... WHY IS HE GETTING MORE AND MORE HANDSOME DAY BY DAY? ATTACK ON JEONGWOO'S VISUAL❣️😭

  • Sumire Light
    Sumire LightАй бұрын

    I can't stop laughing at how cute their interaction are

  • rose pasta
    rose pastaАй бұрын

    Yoshi visual is not a joke. He is a living anime!



    Ай бұрын

    @YoshiAnti get lost

  • Yachi
    YachiАй бұрын

    Its so calm but its so funny because Yoshi just insisted that he's going through puberty no matter what fact check it is 🤣🤣🤣

  • iggy rara
    iggy raraАй бұрын

    This duo getting more and more fun 😆😆

  • TeUmE_사lisa💎💕
    TeUmE_사lisa💎💕Ай бұрын

    Yoshiyaa really slayed his parts😂

  • 겨울
    겨울Ай бұрын

    아 귀엽다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 마지막에 거리가생겨버렸잖아요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 우리 요시 인터뷰 하느라 고생 많았어!! 요냥이 너무 귀여운 거 아냐?🥺❤️ 우리 정우 쩡춘기여도 귀여워❤ 다시 한번 더 졸업 축하해 정우야 우리 쩡쩡이 평생 쩡춘기 해줘~~😆❤️

  • Nomvuyo Dlamini
    Nomvuyo Dlamini26 күн бұрын

    Yoshi is well prepared and organised.... and Jeongwoo just improvises everything.🤣

  • Mariela Janco
    Mariela JancoАй бұрын

    No puedo creer que hicieron un video de la pubertad JAJAJAJAJAJA y yo creo que no es que a Jeongwoo no le guste Yoshi, creo que simplemente no tienen muchas cosas en común, Jeongwoo es muy expresivo y muy bromista y Yoshi es tierno y algunas veces muy ingenuo. Espero que encuentren un hobby para que se unan más

  • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ


    Ай бұрын

    asi es jaja es bn loquillo mi woonie xd

  • te_mhie


    Ай бұрын

    So true

  • hamadaloverrr


    Ай бұрын

    si exacto! tienen personalidades muy distintas!! a veces yoshi se pone triste cuando jeongwoo no le da mucha atención, pero todos sabemos que jeongwoo quiere mucho a yoshi ❤ no es malo que los miembros no sean tan cercanos todo el tiempo… pronto veremos que se acercaran mas 🥰

  • ƓRƐMXRƳ 🇰🇷
    ƓRƐMXRƳ 🇰🇷Ай бұрын

    The members visuals are literally bubbly.

  • TeUmE_사lisa💎💕
    TeUmE_사lisa💎💕Ай бұрын

    Our Jeongwoo finally graduated!He has turned into a big man now!

  • ciio_0
    ciio_0Ай бұрын


  • priv0fsn
    priv0fsnАй бұрын

    thanks to the staff for the subtitles which are immediately available

  • Yorch
    YorchАй бұрын

    Jeong woo is getting handsome everyday !!! Yoshi-ah, You are still my HUMBLE BOY !!!

  • Wendy
    WendyАй бұрын

    Que lindo el Yoshi, quiere acercarse más a Woo y hasta le hizo us test jajajaja

  • yours
    yoursАй бұрын

    Yoshi is definitions of pure sweet soft boy. He wants to more close with jeongwoo. Even jeongwoo is the funniest person, LOL joke all the time. I love this duo

  • kjk1st
    kjk1stАй бұрын

    yoshi and jeongwoo is cutie duo

  • maxiemax
    maxiemaxАй бұрын

    there are alot of yoshiwoo moments recently. i love it

  • dea dio
    dea dioАй бұрын

    i dont know i need this thing content about Jeongwoo X Yoshi.. back then i saw their Tea Time and it was hillarious.. YG thank you...

  • まる
    まるАй бұрын


  • nayka
    naykaАй бұрын

    How they can be ABSURD and FUNNY at the same time 😂

  • here.i.stan.treasure
    here.i.stan.treasureАй бұрын

    This is so rare concept for a fact check lmao Yoshi and Jeongwoo I cannot HAHAHAHA never knew I need more of their softie crackhead friendship

  • stephgss
    stephgssАй бұрын

    What a cute pair hahahaha. We need more Jeongwoo and Yoshi🤣 They are not close enough yet hahaha

  • Mari V
    Mari VАй бұрын

    Fact check is back! Love you both Yoshi and Jeongwoo!♥️

  • MAMA_"Kim Buona"
    MAMA_"Kim Buona"Ай бұрын

    Quien va a apoyar a TREASURE por simpre?👇👑💜



    Ай бұрын

    Of course I will always support them no matter what!❤️

  • Amrita Chowdhury

    Amrita Chowdhury

    Ай бұрын

    I will 💞

  • TREASURE MAKER (tresure)

    TREASURE MAKER (tresure)

    Ай бұрын


  • Valentina Moralez

    Valentina Moralez

    Ай бұрын

    @MAMA_"Kim Buona" si obvio lo entendí, pero reaccione impulsivamente xq vi algo en español, casi siempre es en inglés u otros idiomas

  • MAMA_

    MAMA_"Kim Buona"

    Ай бұрын

    @Valentina Moralez Me refiero a que...quién apoyará a TREASURE para siempre?... a eso me refiero.

  • Maryll Gonzales
    Maryll GonzalesАй бұрын

    This is such a cute combination 😍 Jeongwoo and Yoshi is very rare

  • WOO
    WOOАй бұрын

    Jeongwoo is too handsome for this world

  • vanessaglry
    vanessaglryАй бұрын

    this is an unexpected duo i ever imagine... but it's sure seems fun for the members since they're all friends and families! >v

  • Sean Novia
    Sean NoviaАй бұрын

    This is the rarest pair in Treasure 😂 both of them look so awkward and cute

  • Bunga Meilyana
    Bunga MeilyanaАй бұрын

    how can they both be so cute❤️😍

  • 04soulmate
    04soulmateАй бұрын

    they're so cute and jeongwoo is so witty plus mischievous

  • micaela
    micaelaАй бұрын

    Yoshi y Jeongwoo son tan loquillos, porfavor kpopers denles una oportunidad a Treasure no se van a arrepentir! 🙏🔥😁

  • Jihoon Noona
    Jihoon NoonaАй бұрын

    The new fact check is so cute & so funny 😂😂😂😂 Jeongwoo so Handsome 😍😍😍

  • mo_lly
    mo_llyАй бұрын

    their acting skills are the best 😂

  • T Roma
    T RomaАй бұрын

    Hahahaha! They're so hilarious without even trying 😂

  • Z Gh
    Z GhАй бұрын

    Both are super cute but in a very different way , so it is so fun to watch them interact

  • peaceful dinosaur
    peaceful dinosaurАй бұрын

    The combination we least expected but we definitely need!! On the side note, they even make their animal representative in 8bit design 😍 Editor-nim jjang!!! Treasure jjang!!!!! 💙💙💙💙

  • OHL
    OHLАй бұрын


  • Gian Javier
    Gian JavierАй бұрын


  • 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐚 ° ᴶᴷ °
    𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐚 ° ᴶᴷ °Ай бұрын

    o Yoshi é a coisa mais linda do mundo ❤️🇧🇷



  • ecsglyy
    ecsglyyАй бұрын

    we need this duo again😂❤

  • Hee Koon
    Hee KoonАй бұрын

    WHATTTT??!!! FACT CHECK is back too?!!?! THANKS FOR THESE CONTENTS! Dates me back to predebut era😭💎 LOL just seeing the whole content looks like jeongwoo is really in an awkward puberty phase😆 even if the tests were not accurate I still thank Yoshi for doing this💎

  • Lie
    LieАй бұрын

    Yoshi the most kind hyung + Jeongwoo the michevous boy HAHAHAHHAHA I hope to see more YoshiWoo together ♡

  • may
    mayАй бұрын

    They're funny but seriously jeongwoo with that black shirt and those hair is so handsome, no matter what he wear he always look stunning

  • yasuyo
    yasuyoАй бұрын


  • mc. bentto
    mc. benttoАй бұрын

    This section is exist!! Yoshi and Jeongwoo is really cute relationship I can't stop smiling

  • elmariajinjja
    elmariajinjjaАй бұрын

    yoshi is so adorable, he doesn't look like a hyung😭

  • Dilnaz Sadenova
    Dilnaz SadenovaАй бұрын

    This is hilarious! Love Jeongwoo-Yoshi energy😂

  • Fiorella Chaves Mora
    Fiorella Chaves MoraАй бұрын

    No puedo con Yoshi jajaja :D y Jeongwoo dandole pelota, ternuras!!! Por cierto, esto no viene al csso pero...Yoshikun que bonita la decoración de tu estudio♡

  • にち🤍
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  • yassahi
    yassahiАй бұрын


  • Nina M
    Nina MАй бұрын

    this is so adorable hahaha, what a cute idea

  • JIMIN 박지민
    JIMIN 박지민Ай бұрын


  • Flymetotheup


    Ай бұрын

    @Rated PJW they meant in general in the fandom

  • Rated PJW

    Rated PJW

    Ай бұрын

    Wdym? He does but Jeongwoo loves his Yoshi hyung so idk what do you mean by this

  • Yg stan For 13 yrs

    Yg stan For 13 yrs

    Ай бұрын

    It's just that their dongsaengs are on puberty stage. Last time Is dobby, Kyu and they reveal it to teumes what they observed on 2 boys. And now we have woobear and soon our king cow baby will go on a puberty stage too. Hahaha. Puberty stage is hard coz each of them had diff attitude during puberty stage. Hahahha. And now, woobear is shy and quiet but little bit cold than his younger days who's a mischievous. I loved how they shares it to teumes how each mem changed during puberty stage.

  • Lili Manoban
    Lili ManobanАй бұрын

    Lol watching this duo is so hilarious kekeke. Tension kid and soft hyung ahh so cute. Love to see them together for the next tmi

  • hello, yoshi
    hello, yoshiАй бұрын

    Yoshi and Jeongwoo are so cute and funny hahaha. Can’t stop watching this

  • lilgurlseishi
    lilgurlseishiАй бұрын

    So cute!!!! Thank you for feeding us with so much content lately! I love it! 😊

  • ciru
    ciruАй бұрын


  • jjaejjae
    jjaejjaeАй бұрын

    Why is Yoshi so cute!? he's like the youngest here hahahhaha

  • ㅇㅇ
    ㅇㅇАй бұрын

    Dear. YG Editor-nim love so much this content!!! your editing is SO fresh, thank you for your hard work!!

    FANNY TANАй бұрын

    2 cute boys YOSHI AND JEONGWOO and talented too💎💙😊

  • WOO
    WOOАй бұрын

    I can still remember that one TMAP episode when Jeongwoo wants to be partners with Yoshi because they don't have many chances of getting paired. But, Yoshi didn't pick him🤣 the history of this two is so funny 😆

  • aeri hansal
    aeri hansalАй бұрын

    YoshiWoo duo is so cute

  • claire-35
    claire-35Ай бұрын

    Hahahaha I love their interaction, they seldom do when in front of the camera, but I think they’re really good friends… but I can still feel the awkwardness.. 😂😂😂 maybe because Yoshi is a hyung? 😅 I’m rooting for your friendship! 🥰🤗

  • Anne
    AnneАй бұрын

    i cannot!! the cuteness is overloading

  • marshmallow ♡♡
    marshmallow ♡♡Ай бұрын

    I really love this duo they r really cute and funny the way yoshi talk calmly and seriously and whatever they do he claim jeongwoo having puberty and jeongwoo annoy face make it extra funnier🤣

  • Averedinta Delia
    Averedinta DeliaАй бұрын

    i loveeee this, jeongwoo with yoshi hyung is sooo cuteeee💗💗💗

  • 轟
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  • gayylee
    gayyleeАй бұрын

    I guess “who are you” is jeongwoo’s special way of showing affection to yoshi lol 💙

  • gwenievre verbaeys
    gwenievre verbaeysАй бұрын

    So adorable!!! Jeongwoo adore to annoy yoshi 😂

  • Monica Cruz
    Monica CruzАй бұрын

    Hoy día fue la graduación de Jeongwoo ahora falta Junghwan. Los miembros no mentían cuando dijeron que ibamos a tener contenido.

  • Saí MRiri
    Saí MRiriАй бұрын

    Yo me iba a ir a dormir pero aquí estoy sonriendo de oreja a oreja viendo FastCheck con Yoshi y Woo, son los mejores ♡♡

  • Nana Kyu
    Nana KyuАй бұрын

    To our Jeongjeongie who is currently going through puberty, Fighting!!

  • Rafaelle Cunha
    Rafaelle CunhaАй бұрын

    Yoshi é tão doce♡

  • Fien
    FienАй бұрын

    oh this was such a cute episode!! I love these two together 💙 Hoping we'll see more of YoWoo/ JeongShi (?) in the future

  • hua


    23 күн бұрын


  • Go.D
    Go.D17 күн бұрын

    The way Yoshi just destroyed evidence😂😂 OMG he's damn cute👑💙

  • dearsenseless
    dearsenselessАй бұрын

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love this duo so muchhhhhhhh

  • Ihiiiii
    IhiiiiiАй бұрын

    ヨシウなんてもうほんとに需要しかないのよ😭😭😭😭😭ありがとう運営様これを企画して動画にしてくれた全ての皆様に感謝します❤ ヨシウForever🐱🐺❤💙

  • 백방캔트
    백방캔트Ай бұрын

    진짜 요번 팩트 체크는 입꼬리가 안 내려온다.. ㅋㅎㅋㅎ 김요시 겁나 웃기넹

  • Alizon Rosales Cáceres
    Alizon Rosales CáceresАй бұрын

    Este dúo me encanta